World Setup

Welcome to Cyandia, all of the races live in a tentative peace brought on by a stalemate in the armies. The human king Ramor has reigned for 30 years, and his son Richard is now 18 and is prepared, in his mind, to take the throne. The human capital is called Raithwall and is located directly in the Human kingdom of Almaria. Far to the north, you find the Armarath Mountains, underneath which lies the Dwarven Kingdom of Ormanmar, the dwarves, led by King Jamlamin Swordsteel. He is a just and fair king, trading with everyone equally and for the most part staying out of the wars that have occurred on the surface.

The wars, have been mainly between the Humans and Elves, with the haflings, gnomes, and dwarves doing their best to stay neutral. In the past wars, the haflings and gnomes have been completely uprooted and their towns destroyed. They lived peacefully together and now have made a few refugee camps, but none are recognized cities.

Mages, are more revered as legends than they are feared, as mages are not made, they are born. The only places to truly study magic are within one of the four mage towers. Often children with magical aptitude will be sent to these cloisters to learn how to control their dangerous abilities. There are many cities where as soon as a child shows they have magical abilities are forced to go to one of the towers out of fear of what an untrained mage may do, although the number of these types of cities have dwindled in number over the years. Elves do not hold these thoughts about their mages, to the elves magic is seen as a closer connection to the Aurora.

The elves live deep in the, Halfax forest which lies in the northwest corner of the continent. The trees in this forest grow larger and larger heading up to the center where the central tree on which the Elven capital of Al’ora sits, that central tree was the first tree on the planet at creation, which the elves were around to see.

The Drow, dark elves are a race only known in legends.

The Orcs, Kobolds, and creatures like them did not “appear” to this world (though the ancient texts say they had been created along with the humans) until just recently, they tend to stay in the wasteland to the Northeast although from time to time bands will trek through the Amarath mountains to raid the plains cities. Not much is known about their society, it is assumed that their sporadic attacks indicate that they have a ravenous hunger to live in lands that are not as desolate as theirs. The orcs are actually decendants of “the ancients” who warred with Aurora before she formed all of creation. The entire reason that creation exists is to hold back the ancients in their underworld prison. All that keeps them chained is the balance between the races. Weakened by the warring of humans and elves (Originally prodded on by the right hand man of Styx known as Peck) as well as the uprooting of the halflings and gnomes, the bonds that hold the ancients and their demon subjects at bay are at the breaking point.

The elves were originally spirits when the High Goddess Aurora created this world. She gave the elves the choice of remaining spirits or becoming creatures in this world. The great human king Lord Jamkas Urthadar the Dragonslayer, who reigned 400 years ago began the first Great War, after living with the elves peacefully for 300 years, grew jealous of the elves’ status as “God’s favorites” and envied their connection to Aurora, and attacked. The war ended when the great paladin Jorgen Valdenstrom who was charged by Aurora herself to end this senseless violence, emerged upon the battlefield riding upon his bear Krysshek wearing the crest of Aurora and bathed in her holy light, smashing hundreds from both sides and finally incapacitating both the elven and human kings. He then released his essence to Aurora and shot up to the heavens in a great beam of light, after he ascended his voice and Aurora’s boomed down simultaneously saying, “No longer are either of you my chosen, from this day on, my light shines on only those who are true and just.” Jorgen then became a god alongside Aurora. There was peace for a time, until the humans attacked again, but this time, there was no Jorgen, there was no holy light, Aurora had turned her back on this world, assumedly to never shine her light down to it ever again. Since the first Great War there have been two others, one 200 years ago, and another 75 years ago.

World Setup

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